Company History

We are the ZIEGLER GROUP . Whether wood, logistics, house construction, technology, decoration or gastronomy - we are at home in many areas. As an owner-managed company, we have our roots in the heart of the northern Upper Palatinate. In addition to our headquarters in Plößberg, we are active at 23 locations throughout Germany. From there we operate globally. The family atmosphere gives more than 2200 employees a home. But our business and private customers also appreciate the trusting cooperation. Most of them for several decades.
With a view to the future, we value a sustainable world so that future generations can live at least as well as we do in the present. That is why we act in a way that is close to our homeland and responsible: economically, ecologically and socially. We are already investing in various major projects and securing long-term jobs. We conserve resources and ensure that the forest stays green. Regional clubs in the Upper Palatinate know us as a partner they can rely on.


Our Dream

Wood is not only the heart of the ZIEGLER GROUP, but also an important natural material. Especially for Germany: Almost a third of the area consists of forest and the timber industry has over a million employees. Not only they, but almost everyone has daily contact with wood. But before you can enjoy the finished terrace or desk, various preliminary stages are necessary. This is where we come in. Our wood division comprises several companies. All ensure that our business customers receive first-class raw products. For this we manufacture custom cuts.



From the tree trunk to the finished house to the decoration: with us everything comes from a single source.



We are always happy about prizes. The joy about the Bavarian Founder's Prize 2019 and the medium-sized company prize "Bavaria's Best 50" is particularly great..

We Are Well Certified