Ziegler Forest Service GmbH

It's a long way to harvesting the wood. And even after that, the forest needs to be taken care of. Our colleagues from the forest service master this task with flying colors and accompany the entire process: from tree felling to aftercare. Because a healthy forest means future. The value of the wood is based on its quality class. For example, untouched trees can be used without restrictions. However, trunks infested by the bark beetle can only be used to a limited extent later on. Spruce, pine, fir and larch are the most commonly purchased tree species. Most of them come from a radius of no more than 150 kilometers. This underlines the sustainability claim that we have made a priority for. We are PEFC and FSC certified for this.

As is the aftercare. Because buying wood is more than it appears. The future of the forest is an affair of the heart. That's why we do everything we can to keep the green lungs healthy. To this end, we work closely with forest specialists and implement ecological concepts together.

Ziegler Forstservice GmbH ensures that there are enough tree trunks for further processing in our wood processing division. That is the main task and almost 20 employees fulfill it with flying colours. A third of them work in the field with a great deal of sensitivity and empathy. There they negotiate in partnership with the forest owners about the quantity and price of the natural substance.